We Live Next Door To Spiderman

Last night, right after we ate dinner, J heard banging on the back door of our house. He went to see who was knocking, and it was the little boy that lives next door. The kid lost his little blue football, and wanted help finding it. J pulled out his flipflops and went outside. Turns out the football was behind the storage shed in the backyard.

The kid heads out of our yard by heading to the 4 ft tall privacy fence (this kid can’t be more than 3 ft tall), is about to vault over it. J announces that it’d be just fine if the kid went around the house; he doesn’t have to climb the fence. The kid replies, “No, that’s okay. I’m Spiderman.” and hauls himself up and over the fence.

2 thoughts on “We Live Next Door To Spiderman

  1. When we bought the house on Plymouth Lane – we put up a fence to keep Matt in the back yard. It was about this time of year in 1979 so he was about 2. The morning after we finished the chain link fence Katy walked into the back yard to find Matt with one leg over the top of the fence and heading out.


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