Dodging the Question

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus has this tendency to not answer questions directly. His statements seem to be disconnected from the questions people ask. I find this unsettling, and always have.

In Acts 1, I see a similar picture. The disciples after having spent some time with the resurrected Jesus, ask “Are you going to restore the kingdom to Israel now?” It’s a political question with spiritual underpinnings…

But Jesus doesn’t really answer the question. He refocuses the disciples on the issue that is important. That the Holy Spirit is coming and the disciples are to be Jesus’s witness. By his response, I get the impression that the disciples have asked the wrong question at this crucial moment.

When I’ve journaled or talked about the disciples in the past, I’ve usually been pretty critical of the lot. But, I’m realizing more and more how like them I am. How often am I so caught up in myself that I’m asking the wrong questions? It’s easy to talk a big game about what I’d do, but quite another matter to be living the talk.

I’m finding that I tend to ask the wrong questions, and then be aggravated when God doesn’t give me the answer I want. Part of the problem is that I’m overanalytical and I make things more complicated than they are. Partly I’m selfish and want the world to work the way I think it should. Mostly I’m just human and trying to make sense of my reality.

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