I’ve discovered that Claritin D causes me to have weird dreams, and wake up repeatedly in the night. Earlier this week, I woke to find myself just turning on the lamp by the bed. And the only reason I woke up for this was because J blurts out “WHAT are you doing?” A logical question since it was 1 AM, we’d been asleep for two hours by this point. I was dreaming we had snakes in the room, and I had to turn on the light to find them.

Later, I again awoke to J asking a question. “Are YOU okay?” (By this point, I’m sleepily thinking…probably not.) He brushed against my arm only to have my hand slapping at him rather forcefully. I was yet again dreaming we had snakes in the bed. Only they were touching me. It just turns out that it was my husband. Oops!

I cannot wait for allergy season to be over, so that I can breathe without medication. J can’t wait either.


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