Grape Juice Prompts Profound Moment

Earlier this evening, I was watching the Super Bowl and eating dinner with a group of our friends. Meanwhile, with my dinner I was drinking grape juice. Within two sips, I had a flashback to drinking grape juice during communion. These days the only time I drink grape juice is for communion, and so I was instantly transported to that place.

In my head I heard the words “This is my blood, shed for you for the remission of sins.” And I remembered an essay I wrote awhile back, “Finding Jesus in a Cracker”. Suddenly this simple moment in a busy environment became an opportunity to experience Jesus’s presence. To see him amongst us as we ate and talked and watched sports.


2 thoughts on “Grape Juice Prompts Profound Moment

  1. kind of a cool thought… <>you had much more of a <>“spiritual”<> night than Jamie and I did… we did stupdity (movie about the mall cop) followed by ROTFLOAO to a comedian someone recommended to me…


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