On Saturday, J and I went hiking up at a park on the Mississippi, and took a bunch of pictures. I’ll post some later. It’s the time of winter that I dislike the most: the brown melting snow and slushly, oil slick puddles everywhere. It’s dreary, without the pristine gleam of fresh snow to perk things up.

But, I did find the park beautiful in its starkness. The trees are barren. The grasses were dried up golden sticks in sharp contrast to the white-gray of the snow and the ice blue sky. But, I did notice something new this time. Winter provides an opportunity to notice things that you wouldn’t normally be able to see. That same dreary barrenness clears up distractions and hiding places.

As we were hiking, we noticed an small island in the Mississippi with a bunch of tall trees devoid of leaves. The trees were filled with large nests, probably hawk or eagle. And during the summer, we wouldn’t be able to see this, as the tree leaves would hide all these bird homes. The sight of all the nests towering in the trees was beautiful, again due to the starkness. At the same time though, they looked like a scene out of a Dr. Seuss book.


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