My life has turned into a sitcom. I was afraid of that before going to the ob/gyn visit yesterday. And before I give more details on my personal life, I will preface by saying J gave his permission for the story to be told, just in case anyone is curious. I gave a bunch more blood on Friday (I already had a bunch taken for my regular physical on Wednesday); this time the blood is for tests on my thyroid, prolactin levels, and another hormone check. I get to start taking my temperature every morning to see when I’m actually ovulating. And after we get that time settled, then I get to go in and give blood again to check my progesterone levels. And J has to go in and get his sperm levels checked out. Good news is that the doctor doesn’t think there’s anything structurally wrong with my ovaries or fallopian tubes. We’ll see what I find out about my hormone levels when the blood tests come back.


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