Good News Finally

Minus a few hiccups once I got to the doctor’s office today, today was an excellent day.  Bad news: the computer system upgrade at the doctor’s office ate my scheduled appointment, and I got stuck meeting with the physician’s assistant instead of the doctor that I was supposed to see.  Good news: they didn’t make me leave and come back another day; also, good news: they didn’t even try to make me leave, so I didn’t throw a fit that I was working up to after a driving an hour and a half to get to my appointment.

Best news of the day:
Statistically speaking, I’m apparently just as likely to get successfully pregnant as a woman with 2 tubes.  That was news to me.  Still can’t quite wrap my brain around that. The P.A. said that with the surgery from a week and a half ago we’re basically starting over with a clean slate (which all reminds me of my pruning post from a few days ago).

Next plan of action: continuing with another 2 rounds of fertility drugs and intrauterine insemination once I start my next cycle.  And we’ll reevaluate from there. Also, for any future pregnancies I now have to go in at 5 weeks to make sure the pregnancy is where it is supposed to be. And I’m still waiting on my HCG levels to go back to 0; had another blood draw this morning and am hoping for it to be the last one for awhile.

And I bought celebratory cupcakes for Amy, J and I from Gigi’s Cupcakes in Golden Valley as a special treat for having the first good day in awhile.  Super excited.

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