Restaurant Review: Wilde Roast in Minneapolis

Last Sunday J and I checked out Wilde Roast over in Minneapolis by St Anthony Main (which was nostalgic for us as its just a block or so down the street from where our wedding reception was held years ago).  We were looking for a brunch that wasn’t too pretentious or expensive post church, and Wilde Roast fit the bill.  The coffee shop at the front was super cozy, so I might come back to do homework and read in front of the fireplace at some point.  Be warned that this area has metered parking, and Sundays aren’t free like some other places in Minneapolis.

But, I digress.  We didn’t stop at the coffee shop, but proceeded through to the restaurant portion. J and I split the creme brulee french toast and a crab cake salad.  The french toast was sugary crisp on the outside but gooey in the middle, and accompanied by caramelized peaches, cherries and pecans.  Super tasty.  And while the crab cake salad might seem like an odd partner; they actually worked well together.  The salad helped to cut the richness and sweetness of the french toast.  The salad greens were tasty and not overdressed; and I liked the baked crab cake.  There was a good amount of crab rather than being all filler, and I appreciated that it was baked instead of fried.  And prices were reasonable, and the ambiance was relaxing. I was pleased by the large iced tea selection that they had with authentic tea flavors, rather than sugary syrup flavorings added to black tea.

There were a bunch of items on the menu that I’d be curious to try, so we’ll be going back at some point.  And probably taking my mother-in-law as well.

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Wilde Roast in Minneapolis

  1. Your French toast was excellent, and I really liked my crab cake. And the salad itself was good, as far as salads go. Coffee was nice and strong, too. I think I might have to test out their Bloody Mary next time. 🙂

    Love you!


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