Lemon-Blueberry Scones and A Delightful Sense of Peace

I discovered a love of making scones in fall of 2012, and have started getting adventurous with them after having friends over for coffee or tea the past few weeks.

I never liked scones before I started making them as I thought they were a dry, sandpapery excuse for a bread. But now, I’ve discovered a way to make them where they don’t dry out, and make a sweet cream spread to go along with the scones.  I also serve them with homemade jam from my pantry; my sister’s lemon-blueberry scone (as pictured above) is topped with the black raspberry jam I made with a friend this summer using berries from my yard.

But back to the making of scones, they’re so simple to make, and one of a few baked goods that take little time to whip up and little time to actually bake. Biscuits being the other, but I’m awful at homemade biscuits (my Meme makes the best homemade biscuits with blackberries; I hope I can do that one day).  People seem to think that you went to a lot of trouble to make scones, and seem impressed.  Meanwhile, you can have them mixed, formed and baked within 30 minutes with a bare minimum of effort.  Little kneading and no rolling pin or biscuit cutters required.

This simple act (well, simple for me anyway) gives me a feeling of peace and calm in an otherwise chaotic world.  I can control this little thing in my universe, and have a sense of accomplishment as these golden beauties are successfully pulled from the oven and transferred to the table.  Sitting down to chat with a friend and snacking on a fresh-baked scone feels like a engaging in a long line of womanly traditions, and I’m somewhat wistful for more opportunities to do this.  And taking time out to sit and breathe in the midst of an otherwise hectic schedule helps me to recenter myself and check my striving impulse.  I can sit and internally remind myself, “I am loved,” and “God is enough.” Words that seem to be a constant litany for me in the past couple of weeks.


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