White Winters

Snow is falling heavily here in Minnesota.  And I am tucked away warmly inside while beautiful white chaos swirls outside.  Finally, December begins to feel like Christmastime.  While many of my friends and family are grimacing over the snowfall, I find myself quite happy.  So many things to look forward to with snow: tubing, snowshoeing, nights that no longer seem quite so dreary as the light reflects off the mantle of white, periwinkle mornings where the sky and snow all reflect that same bluish pinkish lavender hue.  Sunrises in snowy December are one of my favorite things; they make me so deliciously happy to be alive and present to the splendor around me.

And in the midst of the cozy happiness, I find myself just a teensy bit nostalgic.  I’ve curled up with some hot peppermint tea, and remembered the long ago days when my mom would make peppermint tea for us as we came in from romping in the snow.  This time of year she’d put a peppermint stick in the tea as the allotted sugar.  And my siblings and I would swirl our peppermint sticks around and around in the hot liquid while they became dagger sharp at the end. Alas, no candy canes at this house, so sugar was my sweetener of choice today.

As I write I keep asking myself — ok, what’s your point.  And today, I’m just grateful that God has given me this day.  A day to sit at home quietly reading, enjoying stillness and silence, sipping tea– today is a day for breathing.  As I look back on an overwhelming November and ahead to a bustling December, this day is a gift to be cherished. I have been graced with time to research papers that I’m working on, stew in a few ideas, remember my mother, and bask in the light of our Christmas tree.  So, no existential crisis today, or theological concept that I’m wrestling with, or something I’m mourning.  Just a quiet sense of peace and gratitude, and I’m more than OK with that for today.


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