What Could Church Be?

So, the video is one of the “Where the Hell is Matt?” series (sorry about the title for those that might be offended); it’s one of those viral sensation videos, and I have to admit every time I watch I start to feel giddy inside and just plain joyful. I just want to be one of the people in the video being ridiculous (and myself) and having a good time.  I keep coming back again and again to watch it, and it still sparks something in me every single time.  Powerful stuff.  Well, for me, anyway.  I have to acknowledge that I didn’t stumble across this video on my own; I was introduced to it in one of my theology classes last year when we were talking about a different topic than church.

But, now, as I’ve watched it again this morning, I found myself thinking “how awesome would it be if Church was like that?”  (Please note I’m using Church with a big C meaning the whole entirety of followers of Jesus not my local context in particular).

What if Church was a group of people joyfully enjoying each other and celebrating the gift of life together?  What if that joy and celebratory spirit was contagious and sparked others to join us?  What if we were a people that others wanted to be a part of? What if we were a people more focused on being joyfully out in the world enjoying life and loving others, instead of hidden away with our lights under a metaphorical basket? What might even our local communities look like if we as people took even more seriously the call to love people of every tribe, tongue and nation?

Questions or comments?

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