An Intentional Life

One of my goals this year is to sharpen my writing skills.  I like to write.  More than that, I feel compelled to write.  When I’m not writing for a long period of time, I feel that a very important part of me has shriveled and withered.  I want to stop having that feeling this year.  To stop shortchanging myself.

And part of being a good writer, I think, is being a good reader.  I realized that my wishlist of books to read is full of books by men.  At least my wishlist of bible/theology books.  There are non-white authors on the list.  But, women are conspicuously absent. I’ve been working to change this.

My fiction list is full of women authors.  And is largely dominated by women.  But, somehow my theology and bible lists are full of men.  And mostly dead men.  My favorite theology writers thus far are largely dead men.

The problem with this is that it reinforces a silly idea that men write good theology (and by implication women — including myself– don’t).  And I don’t think that’s a healthy worldview.  So, I want to work on that.  I want to help myself build healthy self-talk about my writing and my possibilities.  I want to write theology and wonder about God and the world.  I want to challenge the world about varying things.

I also want to work on not sounding like an academic nerd.  I want to say smart things.  But, I want the smart things to be readable.  I figure if I don’t understand something well enough to write it so a junior higher can read it, then I don’t really understand the concept to begin with.

So, practice makes perfect, according to the old adage.  I want this year to be a season of disciplined practice.  And to that end, I plan to blog more this year than I have in previous ones. I hope it will be a year where I have strong, bold, and life-changing things to say.  And one where I’m impacted deeply by savvy deep-thinking women.


Questions or comments?

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