Tasty Thursday: Nye’s Polonaise Room

Nyes 2Since Nye’s Polonaise Room shutters this Sunday, April 3, this week’s Tasty Thursday post is dedicated to the Minneapolis icon. If you’ve never had a chance to get to Nye’s, you’ve got a couple of days before you’re permanently out of luck. We’ve had a chance to get our last fix.


We’d been going for years. We stopped for a late dinner as fluke with my dad, when he was in town visiting. Walking in, we were stunned by the kitsch factor. Dim lighting. Gold sparkly booths, including the wraparound kind that face out toward the restaurant. Multicolored glass lights.Wood paneling. Total 60’s style supper club.

Nyes birthdayThe place was packed. The piano bar filled with people, and the polka blaring as the door next to the bar swung open with people entering or exiting.

Our very first experience left an impression. People watching was an absolute hoot — between the antics of those in the piano bar and the energy radiating from those dancing polka. It became our favorite birthday celebration place, and also one of our favorite places to eat before heading to the Guthrie.

And then there was the food. Nye’s still did the supper club relish tray. I enjoy the supper club shtick! Nye’s had pasta salad, carrots, a spicy little pepper. I don’t even like traditional pasta salad, and theirs was oddly addicting. Creamy, a touch sweet and a hint of spice. The warm bread with the onion on top was delightful, and the onion made it stand out from others’ bread offerings. I’m a total sucker for bread, particularly when it’s warm.

Plus, they were one of my favorite places for prime rib in town. They also had a spectacular dessert tray. We’d think we were full and ready for the check, and inevitably something from their dessert tray would catch our eyes. We’d make room.

And so, farewell Nye’s. Thanks for being part of our stories. We’re sad to see you close!


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