Tasty Thursday: Oatmeal with Black Raspberries

041416 black raspberry oatmeal

The weather is warming, and I look forward to the summer when the black raspberries are ripe. Particularly now as I’ve winnowed down the remaining frozen ones I had.

I blame Dad.

I had a handy stash of whole, frozen black raspberries from our crop last year. I was hoarding them like a dragon with its gold.

Then, after my dad was up for Easter, I realized black raspberries on oatmeal is my new favorite weekday breakfast. Regular rolled oats cooked in water (not milk), with some brown sugar and frozen black raspberries are my new thing. No milk or butter needed. (The part about no milk or butter is not from Dad.)

The frozen black raspberries cool off the hot oatmeal, while the oatmeal thaws the berries. All in all everything works out for the best.

And the black raspberries are smaller than the frozen mixed berries from the store, so they blend better with the oatmeal.

Where has this been all my life?

I’ve seriously eaten this combo for breakfast most mornings since Easter, and I’ve yet to tire of it. And now, I’m sad about switching to other fruits until the raspberries are in season again.

Alternatively, in the summer when peaches are ripe, I also love steel-cut oats (not rolled oats) cooked in milk and topped with honey, cinnamon and fresh cut peaches. Bananas also work as a substitute, but peaches are my favorite.

Regular readers might ask where J fits into this. J thinks oatmeal is gross, so this might win for his least favorite Tasty Thursday post ever.

I still think it’s a win for Tasty Thursday post that’s not about completely unhealthy food.


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