About Me

072216 ProfileHi there! Thank you for stopping by!

I’m Elizabeth McGrew-King, and here’s the obligatory (and, well, awkward) “About Me” page. I love reading other people’s “About Me” pages but hate writing my own.

But, here goes.

I’ve followed Jesus since I was a kid. And I’m still figuring out what being a Jesus-follower means — even after thirty-some years of searching and completion of a Masters of Divinity degree from seminary. Ultimately I follow Jesus because I hope that nothing is wasted: God is capable of springing abundant life from the seedbeds of disappointment, failed expectations and broken dreams.

I love hearing other people’s faith stories — how God shows up and speaks in the midst of life’s messiness and brokenness.

A few of my likes: my fabulous husband J, reading, photography, knitting, crocheting, gardening, canning jams and pickles, baking Christmas cookies, exploring local coffee shops and restaurants, and Korean dramas.

I write. I speak. I teach. I photograph people and things.

If you’d like me to do one of those things for you, you can contact me here:

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