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Welcome to Ragtag Reveries! “Ragtag” meaning a group of (imperfect) things. “Reveries” meaning thoughts, musings and daydreams. “Reveries” is also a play off the word reverend, since I talk about Jesus a lot.

You’re not likely to find instructions on how to be a better person or three steps to simplify your life. I have an instantaneous flinching reaction to the word “should” these days, so I shy away from adding “should-do’s” to others’ life task lists.

I tell stories and ask questions. I share my challenges, and I might ask you to contemplate yours. I reflect on Jesus, the Bible and faith. A lot. I write about infertility. I talk about married life and love with my favorite guy J. I like food, so there are occasional posts about recipes or restaurants.  I dabble in photography as well. All the images you find here, unless otherwise noted on a very rare occasion, are mine.

Above all, I’d love it if the words here give others space to breathe, to feel, or to name something in their stories. That somehow, in this imperfect space, hope bubbles up for you and me.

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Additionally, if you’re curious for more details about me, you can check out the About Me page.