Finding peace in enough


Crocus are the flowers that beckon me outside with me camera as winter shifts to spring.

Folks content with simple things intrigue me, particularly those content with enough instead of excess. This discipline remains uncomfortable for me like sitting on the floor and reaching to my outstretched toes — beyond my grasp, but I stretch and it burns. Continue reading


Converting old jeans into rugs, or a metaphor for Lenten life.

Ragged jeans

This spring I’ve cleaned out closets. I gathered up the stashes of jeans I’d been hoarding and unwilling to chuck — not the jeans that are simply too big or too small, but the ones with worn-out inseams or missing buttons. The kind not even the thrift store wants, as likely they’d get thrown into the garbage or shipped off to other countries. Tossing the fabric to the curb seemed wasteful. Continue reading

Favorite Nature Photos of 2016

Every year J and I make a calendar from our highlights of the previous year’s (horizontal) photos. And this year I thought, why not share our favorites images with you as well?


Coral bells. There’s just something about the green leaves and brilliant red flowers that I adore.


Crabapple blossoms. Making spring feel like a fairy wonderland.


Dutch iris. Tiny bursts of brilliant color.


Forsythia. I love the way these shrubs glow in the sunlight, even as J prefers them against a brilliant blue sky.


Geraniums. The smell. The soft colors. The dainty elegance. Geraniums are delightful.


Lenten roses bloom early in the spring, and every year it’s a struggle to get an image of these that I enjoy. This year: success!


Lady slipper orchids. Until this last summer, I’d never seen these in the wild. Discovering bunches of them in growing in roadside ditches in northern Minnesota was thrilling.


Lilies. Brilliant red lilies might be my favorite, but there’s something wildly joyous about mixing and matching the bold colors.


Part of me hates this color combination on the lily, and yet I find myself loving the photo in spite of myself. Even if it does look like a rotting banana.


Pasque flowers. I noticed these flowers for the first time this spring, and found myself obsessed with them. The fuzziness. The soft lavender. The blinding yellow centers. When everything else was brown and muddy, these buds signaled the hope of spring.


Pink coneflower. Coneflowers aren’t my favorite in bouquets, but there’s an indescribable magic about them in photographs. The way the light makes them brilliant and ultra neon totally catches my fancy.


Pink crocus. I find hope when flowers pop up in seemingly barren places.


Raspberry splash lungwort. The intense color changes on the flowers — pink to purple to blue — fascinate me.


Pink lily. Lily pollen makes me sneezy. But, I’m so happy with the lighting on the lily, the sneezing fit was worth it.


Lilies. I’m so happy to have gotten a lily photo from our yard where the lilies weren’t covered by ants.


I (heart) pink tulips.


Crocus. Crocus beckon me outside with my camera as winter shifts to spring.


Iris. These flowers remind me of my mother every time I photograph them. These are similar to the varieties of iris I remember my dad picking up for my mom from the grocery store every spring.


Pasque flowers. Dark purple and fabulous.


Purple tulip. It’s sassy, and I dig that.


Dahlia. Giant, fluffy flowers as big as my head? Yes, please.


Red tulip. Tulips are splendid as they turn translucent in sunlight. It’s my favorite way to photograph them.


Snowdrops. Dainty, spotless white flowers. Finding speckle-free white flowers is nearly impossible, which is why I usually avoid white flowers as subjects. Especially as I prefer not to photoshop my images.


Water lilies. The ombre effect of the flower petals intrigues me. And that a flower this big springs up out of the water still boggles my mind.


Lily. Experimenting with different angles yields more interesting photographs.


Tulips. Perhaps what I like most about this photo is the color combinations. The photo just makes me happy when I look at it. And that’s enough for me.

Happy Fall (and I’ll be back soon)!

Hi Friends,

I’ve been a little quiet here while I’ve been working on some other projects. I’ll be back soon with more words I promise.

In the meantime, I leave you with some photos from recent adventures.

Happy Fall!


I love yellow coneflowers!


Gingko trees are my favorite!


Funky, curly dahlia


Nothing says fall quite like mums!

Yours, Mine or Ours?

090216 Gooseberry Falls

Middle Falls at Gooseberry Falls State Park

Recently Dad, J and I spent a few days hiking around what we Minnesotans call the North Shore. I dug out my camera and was excited to experiment with my shutter speed settings as I photographed waterfalls. If done well, slowing the shutter speed captures the flow of the water while keeping a crisp surrounding landscape.

This image taken at Gooseberry Falls seems peaceful and quiet, like I might be the only person there.

But, I was not. There were swarms, like every other time we failed to get there really early in the morning. Continue reading

Photo Friday: Praising yarrow’s charm.

080516 strawberry yarrow

I never understood yarrow’s appeal. A frequent staple in perennial gardens,  it’s a lingering weed in my yard, one left behind from the previous homeowners. It still creeps along in the grass seemingly impossible to kill. And the scruffy foliage and tiny flowers didn’t appeal to me. Just blah. I thought it was ugly. Continue reading