Which Messiah?: Reflecting on John 10:22-30

040816 sheep

Telling the Story:

There’s an echo of another story within this story, and if I skip to the dialog and ignore the setting of the story, I’d miss something big. Continue reading


The door is open for all

041316 open gateEvery so often I peruse my drafts folder and find something I wrote way back when but didn’t ever publish. Somehow what didn’t fit then becomes a word I needed now. I find old Elizabeth preaching to today’s Elizabeth, while I kick myself thinking, “Why didn’t that message stick then?” Perhaps I just wasn’t ready for it.

Today’s post is one such example (last week’s Words on Repeat is another). I wrote this last fall, but couldn’t bring myself to finish or post it. Then, I plumb forgot about it as the whirligig of time moved full speed ahead.

Today’s me needed reminding that I am loved and valuable. Perhaps you might need the same thing. And so, I offer some months-old reflection on Hebrews 10. Continue reading

‘Let’s fish’: Reflections on John 21

040816 shoreline

By the time we reach John 21, we’ve read about how the risen Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene, and how he showed up before the disciples (well, sans Thomas). John told of Jesus’ second appearance to the disciples; this time Thomas was around. These later two appearances happen as the disciples were hiding out behind locked doors in fear of Jewish leadership (Jn. 20:19).

John 20 reads like a conclusion to the gospel. John even offers his purpose in writing the whole book: “that you may continue to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God and that by believing in him you will have life by the power of his name (20:31).” In case anyone was wondering what John’s ulterior motive in writing the book was, he laid it out plainly. No guessing games needed here.

But, it’s not the end of the book. John has one more story to share. Continue reading

Words on repeat, or how I read the Bible lately

110315 Bible stack

Reading the same passage multiple times over a few days or weeks is becoming one of my favored ways of reading my Bible. I linger in the places where I have questions or find myself surprised, while giving myself permission to not know things. I’m trying to hold my assumptions loosely and wonder about them. As I do this, the words seem to come alive and defy my attempts to control them. Continue reading

Making lemon meringue pie out of sour lemons

Easter Lemon and Limes

I wanted a different life story. The vindication story. The one where God shows up, makes me victorious and I get to move on celebrating. The one where the miracle happens and I no longer feel forsaken. The one where I wasn’t left holding the short straw.

Maybe the days just before Easter are an excellent time to process this. I’m not the only one to have my story take an unexpected (and unwanted) turn. Continue reading

A Breakfast Eye-Opener

022816 Looking out window

Chatting with J about this infertility blog series, I started talking about how it hurts to feel like an outsider when others start swapping pregnancy stories. I feel like I’m watching a scene from behind a glass: eagerly gazing out, nose smushed up on the window, and longing to get outside. But, the door is locked to me.

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