Tasty Thursday: Oatmeal with Black Raspberries

041416 black raspberry oatmeal

The weather is warming, and I look forward to the summer when the black raspberries are ripe. Particularly now as I’ve winnowed down the remaining frozen ones I had.

I blame Dad.

I had a handy stash of whole, frozen black raspberries from our crop last year. I was hoarding them like a dragon with its gold. Continue reading


Tasty Thursday: Easter Edition

I married into a family with regimented holiday traditions, which is pretty much the opposite of my side of the family. J and his mom have certain activities and specific foods that correlate with various holidays, and there are specific times those activities happen. J must have hot cross buns on Palm Sunday every year, and julekage the week before Christmas. Julekage is basically like a giant hot cross bun with a better frosting to bread ratio. I mean, if you have to eat bread with weird neon candied fruit, it’s better to drown it in icing. I’m not really a fan of either bread concoction, or fruitcake, for that matter.

I’ll hop back from that rabbit trail, and back to Easter food traditions.

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Tasty Thursday: More Local Coffee Shops

By now, most of you faithful readers know that I gravitate toward local and non-chain places for coffee and well, food in general. I’ll make do with Caribou and Starbucks when necessity strikes, but my preferences lie elsewhere.

And I’m so grateful that the Twin Cities abounds with fabulous coffee shops! Since my November coffee shop post, I’ve checked out a few more places round Minneapolis and St Paul. Also since that November post, I found my new favorite coffee shop, which is included in the list below.

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Tasty Thursday: Bread and Chocolate

111915 Bread & Chocolate

I need a break from serious and depressing thoughts this week. Thus, I’m doubly glad it’s time for Tasty Thursday.

This week’s pick: Bread and Chocolate over at Grand Ave and Victoria in St Paul. If I ever move away from the Twin Cities, this would be the place that I miss the most. For over ten years, it’s been one of our favorite places to go and consistently the number one place I tell people they have to visit when they’re in town.

It’s a cozy spot to hang out and chat or read. If you like free wi-fi (as I do), you’re out of luck. But it’s still a great spot to work on your laptop or write if you’ve got a personal hot spot. Or if you need to focus without the distraction of the internet.

Skip the paninis, and go straight to the pastries. Paninis are fine. Pastries will spoil you. I have yet to find any place that does croissants better than here. And believe me, I have tried. Getting to St Paul from my house is a hike. But, it’s worth it. Trust me.

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