I Married Spiderman?!?

I’ve been harassing J about getting long johns to wear under his jeans when he’s out shoveling or raking snow off our roof (or his moms). And by harassing, I mean encouraging him to dress warmly and not freeze himself to death. J has been staunchly denying the need for long johns all winter. And I couldn’t bring myself to purchase said items for him for Christmas. I’m fairly certain that when you buy your husband long underwear for Christmas, the romance is over. And, really, who wants long underwear for Christmas, even if you do need and won’t buy it?

And since it was 20 below last week, his mother started to get concerned about his warmth, and brought over some of J’s dad’s long johns that were still at her house. And there’s a moment for gross awkwardness and giggles there. But, with straight face, I did encourage J that they were clean and functional. Even if they had been used by his dad. And they’re not quite the same thing as say, wearing an old pair of his dad’s pants, or an old sweatshirt.

But, J did have some snow chores to take care of at his mom’s on Sunday afternoon. So, he gave in to practicality and put on the long johns.

Meanwhile, I’m in the sun room on Sunday afternoon trying to write… when all of a sudden there’s a great commotion and J leaps. Yes, that’s right. LEAPS. Like a frog. Right into the sun room. With a big THUNK. With nothing on but a white t-shirt and chocolate brown long johns. He proceeds to prance around the sun room modeling while I can’t help but giggle. And I’m not sure if it was the leaping. Or the sight of a man in brown long johns. Or the modeling.

But, the cumulative ridiculousness has provided continuing giggles all week for me. Sitting in my cubicle at work giggling. Reading my book tonight chuckling. Typing the blog post, giggling.

J did give his permission for this to be posted, just in case you were curious.


I’ve discovered that Claritin D causes me to have weird dreams, and wake up repeatedly in the night. Earlier this week, I woke to find myself just turning on the lamp by the bed. And the only reason I woke up for this was because J blurts out “WHAT are you doing?” A logical question since it was 1 AM, we’d been asleep for two hours by this point. I was dreaming we had snakes in the room, and I had to turn on the light to find them.

Later, I again awoke to J asking a question. “Are YOU okay?” (By this point, I’m sleepily thinking…probably not.) He brushed against my arm only to have my hand slapping at him rather forcefully. I was yet again dreaming we had snakes in the bed. Only they were touching me. It just turns out that it was my husband. Oops!

I cannot wait for allergy season to be over, so that I can breathe without medication. J can’t wait either.

We Live Next Door To Spiderman

Last night, right after we ate dinner, J heard banging on the back door of our house. He went to see who was knocking, and it was the little boy that lives next door. The kid lost his little blue football, and wanted help finding it. J pulled out his flipflops and went outside. Turns out the football was behind the storage shed in the backyard.

The kid heads out of our yard by heading to the 4 ft tall privacy fence (this kid can’t be more than 3 ft tall), is about to vault over it. J announces that it’d be just fine if the kid went around the house; he doesn’t have to climb the fence. The kid replies, “No, that’s okay. I’m Spiderman.” and hauls himself up and over the fence.

Hazards of Sharing a Bed

Last night I dreamed I was getting attacked by a pack of wolves, and they were trying to eat my belly. (I have no idea what that means pschologically speaking, mostly I was just freaked out.) I dreamed this twice.

The second time I grabbed one by the nose and was holding on for dear life to try and get it away from me.

Then, I was rudely wakened by my husband frantically yelling at me.

Turns out the nose I was grabbing was my husband’s (not the wolf’s), and he was wondering why I was trying to smother him.