Tasty Thursday: Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant

Our annual Door Country tradition is stopping into Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant. Anything else we do fluctuates from trip to trip, but Al Johnson’s is non-negotiable. Continue reading


Tasty Thursday: Nye’s Polonaise Room

Nyes 2Since Nye’s Polonaise Room shutters this Sunday, April 3, this week’s Tasty Thursday post is dedicated to the Minneapolis icon. If you’ve never had a chance to get to Nye’s, Continue reading

Tasty Thursday: Anchor Fish & Chips

030316 fish and chips

We discovered The Anchor Fish & Chips, over in NE Minneapolis, a few years back. And, really, what better time of year to talk about our favorite fish and chip place than Lent? Here in Minnesota, Friday fish fries are a big thing this time of year. On our first attempt to try Anchor, we came around 6:00 on a Friday during Lent, and the line was tumbling out the door and down the block. Too hungry to wait but figuring it’d be worth an attempt another day, we left and tried again later.

I’m so glad we came back again. And at an earlier time! We made it just in time to snag the last couple of spots at the counter. Continue reading

Tasty Thursday: Casper & Runyon’s Nook

022516 juicy nookie

Since this week marks the anniversary of J and I’s first trip to the Nook three years ago, I figured the Nook makes for an excellent Tasty Thursday post. We saw it on a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives marathon and figured we should check it out the next day. That might not have been our best strategy — going at about 5 PM on Saturday night the day after it was highlighted on TV.

The place was packed out. And we had the age old dilemma: stick around and wait or look for dinner elsewhere.

We waited. It was worth the wait. Every. Single. Minute.

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Tasty Thursday: More Local Coffee Shops

By now, most of you faithful readers know that I gravitate toward local and non-chain places for coffee and well, food in general. I’ll make do with Caribou and Starbucks when necessity strikes, but my preferences lie elsewhere.

And I’m so grateful that the Twin Cities abounds with fabulous coffee shops! Since my November coffee shop post, I’ve checked out a few more places round Minneapolis and St Paul. Also since that November post, I found my new favorite coffee shop, which is included in the list below.

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Tasty Thursday: Travel Picks

J and I took a road trip this past summer: Wilmington, NC to Charlotte, NC to Asheville, NC to Nashville, TN. Yup, that’s right. We went to both Asheville, NC and Nashville, TN. Random trip, but we had loads of fun. If you’re scratching your head about logistics since we live in Minnesota, we flew into Charlotte at the start of the trip, rented a car, and then flew from Nashville back to Minnesota.

One of my favorite parts of traveling is sampling different restaurants and flavors. We have a multi-tiered approach to restaurant hunting: searching online for best places in a city to eat, wandering around neighborhoods and popping in to places that just look fun, and asking locals for recommendations. When it comes to asking locals, that’s usually something J does. I recognize the value; I’m just on the shy side, so that part is a little more awkward and painful for me. As a result, I avoid that one.

Here’s a few of our favorite meals from the first part of the trip. Nashville picks will show up in another post, since we had loads of memorable food moments there — particularly ones where I took pictures.

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